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How Much Sperm Can The Man Shoot Out !

Posted by Mrs SPG

Darn..!! we had sex .. like a few days ago.. and i’m still oozing sperm ..!!  How Much Sperm Can The Man Shoot Out !!!!  While of course, I like that he shoots his sperm into me, it can be quite stinkie .. after a few hours.. if you don’t wash up immediately.  I know it always makes the man happy to shoot inside you without the condom.. and thank God.. i had the hysterectomy.. meaning no more worries about getting pregnant.!! woohoo..!!!  So why does the man feels good.. when they shoot their sperm into your vagina instead of pulling out..???  because it makes them not only feels good.. but kinda superior i think.  You don’t think so ..?? come on men .. i know that’s the reason.. hhaha!! that was what i hear a lot of my male engineers said .. when we were traveling for work.  I hear they even do that to the prostitutes.. just because.. and not even worried about getting AIDS.. !!! DAMN GUYS..!!

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